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The Couture Closet by DesignLuxe

Of all of the room design and functionality, 'Couture Closets' are a DesignLuxe favorite.  From the concept to completion, DesignLuxe will take your redesign your closet, taking it from standard to couture.  My passion for design, architecture, styling, fashion, organization, decor and overall perfection is what has driven me towards creating couture closets.

Step One: We begin with one of the most critical services, the Closet Cleanse.  The goal of the DesignLuxe Closet Cleanse is to organize and un-clutter your wardrobe, allowing you to shop from within and re-invent a more fabulous you!  

The Closet Cleanse entails taking inventory of the items in your wardrobe, selecting which items are the correct size, what is in style/current and what you are emotionally attached to.  While going thru the inventory, you will separate items into keep, sell/donate and throw piles.  If you desire to re-sell or consign items, we will arrange that for you.* 

Step Two: Re-Design... After the cleanse comes the re-design.  we will review design styles, colors, layouts and decor/furniture so you can pick your favorite styles and create the closet of your dreams.  I will then create a blueprint/design concept custom designed for you.  Upon approval of the overall concept, we will start the makeover.  

Step Three: Once we have completed the structural re-design we move on to the big Couture Closet Makeover!  This is the most fun part.  We will begin putting the planning into process and will finish with your completed couture closet.  

DesignLuxe Services:
* Consultation
* Personal Organization
* Design/Decor Planning
* Closet Cleanse
* Couture Closet Makeover
* Couture Closet Design
* 'Do it Yourself' Consultation Packages
* Consignment/Re-Sale (thru partnership with Lulu Bella Boutique)
      (Services available individually or as a package deal.  Additional services are available, feel free to contact me with any questions)

"Nothing less than the best" 
The concept DesignLuxe is built upon and the definition of what DesignLuxe will provide to you.  

DesignLuxe's Couture Closet Inspirations:

Hopefully we have inspired and provided you with ideas to begin considering how you can create your own couture closet.  

Your 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we everything possible to ensure that you are happy with the result of your new closet.

Please contact me to schedule your FREE consultation with DesignLuxe. In your email please be sure to provide your contact information, project time frame, what you are looking to accomplish, as well as any other information that you feel is necessary.

Kathryn Leas
DesignLuxe, Founder

Bust thru Clutter with these 3 Concepts

Turn Clutter Into Storage and Decor Solutions
By Joyce Bautista

These three key steps will get you on your way to making order in your home using basic everyday items.

1. Contain  - Enough storage space is, of course, the Holy Grail of any household. But solutions to the problem are probably littering your closets and cupboards right now. Use monochromatic boxes, wooden crates, berry baskets, and empty jars to stash anything from mementos to old files, paper clips to dried spices.

2. Repeat  - Transform stray containers or collectibles into a decorative tableau by clustering like objects. Consistency produces a neater look than a random assembly doesand while one or two may look arbitrary, a group looks like art.

3. Repurpose  - Although your lidless sugar bowl and your wobbly chair no longer serve their original purposes, they're far from useless. You can eke a second life out of idle treasures by assigning them new functionsand, in so doing, add style to the surfaces they grace.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Design on a Budget

Six secrets and strategies for furnishing a stylish home on a budget:

1. Think function, then form: Before you purchase anything, consider your daily home life, more specifically do you have children, pets, or entertain a lot?  Any of these can/will mean your home and decor will have to withstand all you can imagine, from spills to chewing.  For example, in the living room, get an inexpensive woven/sisal rug, these are easy to clean, you can custom order them to you specific size needs and preferred color border.

2. Do a trial run: once you find a piece that you love, rather than impuse purchasing, put the item on hold, or be sure you understand the return policy.  Take a photo with your phone and ask for the items measurements.  By doing this, you can save yourself from a few missteps, such as buyers remorse, incorrect estimates on size of your space, it also gives you the opportunity to search online and see if you can find the same (or similar) item at a lower price, thus allowing additional funds for future purchases (or those shoes you have been dying for!)

3. Don't rule out custom pieces: all homes are different shapes and sizes, thus calling for a variety of choices when it comes to items such as a couch.  Especially for the family, sectionals are a practical, comfortable option to seat everyone.  Spend sometime searching the internet, (, you will be shocked when you find that ordering a sectional to your specific size needs is not only very simple, but it is also the same, if not a bit less (in terms of cost) to a traditional ready made piece. 

4. Breathe new life into old things: all it takes is a bit of creativity, some basic skills and materials, ta da, you go from a crappy old table to a gorgeous newly designed (to your standards) piece.  For some DIY inspiration and tips, simply peruse

5. Shop at antique fairs, yard sales and online: Half the time you will find junk, but the other half you may find very practical, useable pieces of furniture, decor, etc.  You have to go into these shopping trips with your mind open and creativity flowing, so you can see what items have potential to be, not just what they are in the current state.  This tip ties into the one above, in that all you need are basic materials and a creative idea to turn a mess into a masterpiece.

6. Work with what you have: by re-using and re-vamping things you already have you are spending little to no money to create a new look.  For example, use one of you old, solid color sheets to re-upholster a headboard.  Or to add a pop of prints or color to the living room sofa, use a sheet or large pillowcase that may have torn in some place and become clutter, sew together to make new pillow covers.  Even frame and hang your kids artwork to add some color and personalization to a room.

A few of my favorite budget designs/items:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Budget Decorator: 15 No-Cost Ways to Invigorate Your Space

Got the itch to make some changes around the house? Before you head out shopping or hit the online stores, why not first see what can be done with what you have? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of inspiration to see your space with fresh eyes. Let these 15 ideas spark your imagination and motivate you to see your own space anew.

1. Frame illustrations from a book or magazine. Art magazines and vintage books are great sources of frameworthy illustrations — just cut pages out neatly and pop them into any blank frame you have lying around. Once I framed a whole series of '70s surfing photos from a feature in The Surfer's Journal (a particularly artsy surfing mag) for a cool retro take on the beach theme. Look through your stacks with a fresh eye; you never know what you may find.

2. Repurpose fabric remnants as art. If you do any sewing or crafting, I am willing to bet you have some pretty fabric pieces in your stash, just waiting for the right home. Stretch a larger piece over a blank canvas, cut a piece to fit in an embroidery hoop or place a small swatch in a frame.

3. Use vases to display jewelry. Instead of hiding extra vases in a cupboard (which is probably overcrowded as it is), put them to work displaying your favorite necklaces and bracelets atop your dresser. So easy!

4. Use your throws in a fresh way. Instead of always folding them at the foot of the bed or over the arm of a chair, try using your throws to change the look of your furniture with a bit of strategic folding and tucking. Try wrapping the loose cushion of your sofa with a throw, or lay a throw folded in thirds across the back and seat of an armchair, as shown here.

5. Swap out accent furniture from room to room. Small furniture (side tables, stools, slipper chairs) is easy to move, and a simple swap can completely change the feel of a room. Try a side table from the living room in the entryway and a narrow entry table behind the sofa. Place an upholstered chair in the mudroom, where it will feel extra luxurious, and bring an outdoor cafĂ© chair into the dining room for a flea market–chic vibe.
traditional entry by Lauren Leonard Interiors

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6. Revamp old jars as fun storage. Have a tiny bit of paint left over from another project? You'll need only a dab to bring color to an assortment of jar lids. Use open-top jam jars to hold pens or paintbrushes, and larger jars for storing anything from buttons to laundry soap. Gluing small plastic animals to the lids is the perfect finishing touch if you will be using them in a child's room. (Just remember to keep jars on a high shelf until your child is old enough to handle glass.)
eclectic kids by Caitlin Wilson

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7. Color code your bookshelves. Bookshelves looking a bit boring? Spend a winter afternoon rearranging your tomes by the color of their spines rather than the contents for a change. Bonus: It will give you an excuse to peruse all of your favorite old books!

8. Turn a crate on its side to hold books. An old wooden crate is perfect for keeping books neat and tidy. Crates look fabulously rustic on their own, but if you want to spice one up, try lining the back in a pretty patterned gift wrap.
contemporary kids by Holly Marder

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9. Hang artwork on your shelves. A favorite of decorators, this simple trick can make a room feel more sophisticated in an instant. A small painting allows you to still access the books around it.

10. Style your open shelving. If you have glass-front cupboards or open shelving in the kitchen, consider it a styling opportunity not to be squandered. Take a look at your shelves as they are now, putting function aside for just a moment. Can you spy any clashing colors or patterns? Remove those first, then step back and look again.

11. Put the silver on display. Whether or not you have silver, most of us have something we consider "too good" for everyday use. I say use what you have and enjoy it. If you are worried about breakage (small kids in the house?), at least consider putting some of your favorite pieces on display where you can enjoy looking at them daily. Float a flower in a teacup by the sink or gather fruit on a pretty cake plate on the counter.
traditional dining room by tumbleweed and

by tumbleweed and
Do you see a theme emerging among what's left? White and silver, for instance, or blue and white would work well. Search your other cupboards and storage areas for objects you use that fit the color scheme, and work them in.

12. Reuse glass jars for flowers. Embellish small glass jars with colorful washi tape to make an instant collection of bud vases. Line up three, five or more down the middle of your dining table for an easy, casual centerpiece.

13. Paper a wall in old maps. Make your own wallpaper by decoupaging maps directly onto a freshly cleaned wall. Use maps of your area or nautical maps, or mix and match maps from places you have traveled to.

14. Fill an unused frame with fabric-wrapped cork. Cobble together a pinboard with whatever supplies you have lying around: A roll of burlap, fabric scraps or even an old tablecloth can be used to cover your board. No cork at hand? It may not last as long, but in a pinch you can even use foam-core board (like the kind used to display science projects).

15. Remove a door and create a hideaway office. Even a tiny closet can be transformed into a workspace. Replacing the door with a curtain will help the nook feel more inviting and give you a bit more space — and you'll still be able to close off the room

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This weeks Favorites...

Just a few fabulous things I found to kick off the week!  Hope you love them!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Make your home look like a million bucks on a budget

Here are 9 simple, cost saving tips that top designers use to make those homes on a budget look as fabulous as any of gorgeous million dollar homes we all envy.
1. Three is the Magic Number:  A triptych will instantly up any room’s wow factor. The trio of paneled art, which has been rising in popularity in recent years, can set you back a pretty penny. But you can make your own! Rather than commission a custom piece.  Simply download free art from the web, print it on an  extra large image at a local printer, and cut the image into three parts to fit into Ikea frames, or visit a site such as to find reasonably priced options.

2. Create an Illusion:  The bigger the area rug, the bigger the room will feel. The neutral palette, mirrors behind the sofa, and giant rug work together to make the small room appear bigger (and better!).  Fasten together several smaller rugs to expand a cramped space.

3. Less is More:  Rather than jamming shelves full of knickknacks, opt for a minimalist look: Several books stand upright along with tall vases that fill the space without overcrowding it. She also added objects of various height and color to give the bookcase personality. Turning wasted, unused space into a functional space, such as this reading nook that can be enjoyed by many by simply adding a chair.  Steal this look with clusters of tall, affordable vases.

4. Go Bold or Go Home:  Every room needs a focal point. If you don't already have one, center the room using eye-catching wall art. To cut costs, you can create your own – such as painting three giant canvases, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The key is to hang the panels so that they appear as one oversized piece for the greatest effect.

5. Flair for Drama:  Banish those boring boudoirs with a simple trick: Paint one wall a dark color or cover it with grass cloth. The textured accent wall behind the bed adds warmth to the room and gives it a polished look. Redoing only one wall is perfect for a budget makeover, because you’ll save a ton of money (and time).  Wallpaper can quickly add up, but check out these finds for a fraction of the cost. And when you're done, discover surprising ways to decorate with leftover wallpaper.

6. Natural Wonder: If you are lucky enough to have a home that bathes in sunlight and has beautifully natural bones, then let those elements be the star. Stick with neutral colors to let the home’s best asset — natural light — shine. To prevent the room from becoming boring, she threw in one zing by way of a chevron pillow. The trendy zigzag adds just the right graphic touch.  Find your favorite budget-friendly pattern on Etsy.

7. Elements of Surprise:  Don’t be afraid to add “unexpected touches” when  styling your home. Here you have a dramatic headboard created with with inexpensive Ikea desktops propped against the wall. The headboard’s dark hue really pops against the light wall. For another decorating twist, she rotated pillow shams to show off diamonds instead of squares.  Fashion your own headboard with these Ikea desks.

8. Room with a View: Don’t be afraid to put window treatments around a breathtaking view. Just avoid bright colors and frame the view with neutral curtains so the eye is drawn toward the windows. And if you face the “problem” of too much space, steal this page from her playbook: Buy two wooden dining room tables and cut the legs to make the table cocktail height. “Pushing them together fills up the space and gives the room instant ... more .  To construct your own cocktail table from a dining room table shop local thrift stores and snag a great value. Or, head to your neighborhood super store.

9. Eclectic Mix:  Decorate rooms with natural palettes, adding pops of color and texture with accessories. Her favorite color schemes incorporate shades of white, gray, and beige. She also likes to mix and match design from different eras, such as the two white chairs. The Ming-style chair in the left corner (purchased from “makes the whole room feel less cookie cutter but painting it white keeps it in the palette."  If your city doesn’t have a Craigslist, search to find eclectic pieces to add to your own mix.
For even more design tips and guidance, follow DesignLuxe.  Feel free to contact us at anytime for a consultation or design concept appointment.  We love working with our fans.

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5 Tips for an Organized Bath

The bathroom is an essential room in the house, like the kitchen, everyone will eventually visit this room.  This being said, the design, organization and cleanliness of your bathroom is critical.  Here are a few simple tips for keeping your bathroom organized...

1. Have one big storage piece that conceals

2. Mount open shelving for easy reach 

3. Have a variety of baskets to hide things away

4. Keep extra towels handy, folded NOT rolled

5. Choose matching accessories furniture and accessories for a clean unified look

A few essential pieces to keep your bathroom organized:

all pieces by Pottery Barn

Use these easy tips to keep your bathroom organized or reorganize your bathroom and let us know how it works out for you.

Thank you for visiting DesignLuxe - please contact me for more tips or to schedule an organizational consultation for any room in your home.

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